In the beginning of 2004, ECHONOMIST, MR. LOOKMAN and PALE PENGUIN (after many years of friendship) decided to form a music project that they have called it THE SCIENTIFICS. All of them were popular in Thessaloniki’s underground electronic music scene for many years and they have decided to combine their power and creativity in order to produce quality electronic music using Breaks culture as their main basis.


ECHONOMIST is a well known producer and dj for many years now. Leader of the band ÉÍÖÏ-they have contributed tracks to many Greek compilations (“I’VE THE SOUNDTRACK, CAN YOU PUT THE FILM?”, “GREEK ELECTRO VOL.1 & VOL.2”, “ECLECTIC DANCE”) and they have released the album «ÉÍÖÏ» via PLUS RECORDS. Additionally he is a partial member of the electro project DECADES (they have released one album for POETA NEGRA RECORDS), and he produces his own Tech-Dub influenced music (he has released the EP “LOOKING FOR AN ANGEL” for net-label DIGILOG RECORDS and he has contributed tracks to “PLAYGROUND RECORDS VOL.1 & VOL.2” and “ECHOBEAT” compilations). As dj he had performed to various clubs/bars throughout Greece, he had performed to VERSION FESTIVAL 2005,  and he is a resident in Thessaloniki’s best underground club/bar ELVIS.


MR. LOOKMAN is one of the most popular musicians of Thessaloniki’s underground electronic music scene. He was playing guitar to many bands, he was for many years a member of the legendary rock band XAXAKES, he was a permanent member of the Electronic Nu-Lounge/Pop band SCOPITONE (they have released a CD single and one album with reconstructions of songs of MICHALIS NIKOLOUDIS-a well known Greek music producer), and the last two years he is a permanent member of ÉÍÖÏ. Additionally he produces his own Minimal-Tech music (he has contributed tracks to “PLAYGROUND RECORDS VOL.1 & VOL.2” compilations), he produced Electronica and Minimal-Tech music with ECHONOMIST (they had contributed with the track “Biscoteque” in the compilation “ONE NATION 2”). As dj he had performed sets to various clubs and bars throughout Greece,  and he’s resident dj to club/bar ELVIS.


PALE PENGUIN is (for many years now) one of the best Greek Freestyle/Breaks dj. He has organized hundreds of parties and events, he has took part in many festivals in Greece (SOLA LUNA, URBAN DANCE, REWORKS 2006), he has done warm-up sets for many international dj’s and bands like KID LOCO, DJ MUSHROOM (MASSIVE ATTACK), RICHARD DORFMEISTER, URSULA 1000, MALENTE, FRANK POPP, MINUS 8, ANDY SMITH, BJORN TORSKE, AIDAN LAVELLE, HOOVERPHONIC, THIEVERY CORPORATION, MEAT KATIE, LEE COOMBS etc. in Greece and other countries (he was special guest in London’s CLUB MONTEPULCIANO, and London’s Tiki/Exotica bar SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC). For many years now he has his own radio program (88,5FM, SUPER FM, REPUBLIC 100,3 FM), and he writes music reviews and articles for FREEZE MAGAZINE, SOUND MAKER MAGAZINE and MACEDONIA newspaper. He has released music via the project POZITRONIC RAY (they have contributed a track to the compilation “I HAVE THE SOUNDTRACK, CAN YOU PUT THE MUSIC?”), via the Breaks project HOLOGRAPHIC (their “Hungarian track” was included in the compilation “ELECTRO TIP”), and he’s a resident dj in bar/club ELVIS.


THE SCIENTIFICS combine dark Breaks atmospheres with Tech-House, Techno, Progressive, Minimal and Dub elements. They have already released the white label 12” “MANSON DREAMS” (their own version of THE EURYTHMICS classic “Sweet Dtreams”), a remix to DIMDJ’s “Debris” for RELAX RECORDS (A Greek Electronica/Techno/Electro label), the split white label 12” (THE SCIENTIFICS “TAINTED DIRTY LOVE BREAKS”/ETOSTONE VS STAMA “OUT OF TOUCH”),  and a remix for ERASE RECORDS BEAUTY SCHOOL’s “SUICIDE” 12”. They are going to release a remix for German Breaks label BASSTARD RECORDS (CLAAS REIMER’S “Badass”) in December of 2006, a remix for MOSTON’s “So Bad” for ERASE RECORDS in January of 2007, a new single (“EXPLORING AXIS”) with special remixes for BASSTARD RECORDS in February/March of 2007 and currently they have launched their own label V.I.M. RECORDS. They have been presented in many internet sites and music magazines, they have organized a number of parties and events, they have took part in 2005 SYNCH FESTIVAL (alongside names like HAKAN LIDBO, SWAYZAK, ALEX SMOKE, DE LA SOUL, KAITO etc.), in 2005 REWORKS FESTIVAL (alongside names like LUCIANO, SWAYZACK, ALEX SMOKE etc.) and in 2006 PRE-REWORKS EVENT (alongside APARAT, ALEX SMOKE, REINHARD VOIGT, HACKER etc.).  In their parties and events THE SCIENTIFICS perform some extraordinary dj and live sets. Usually they combine live and dj sets, they have their own design policy (their flyers, layouts, covers etc. is designed by the graphic team SQUAREDROP), their own visuals, they perform all together (3 decks, 1 laptop) or in different dj sets presenting eclectic electronic nights via Breaks, Tech-House, Tech-Dub and Minimal styles full of energy, uplifting power and quality dance music.